Customer Experience Management In Telecom


The telecom service providers have experienced significant growth in the past through a rise in customer base which has contributed to a considerable increase in revenue each year. These companies did not face stiff competition from their competitors during those years. In the recent past, the market trend has changed significantly due to some technological advancement and other global changes. The change has led to adopting new ways in the business models with the aim of retaining their existing customers.

The cost of acquiring customers is getting higher each day when this industry is experienced a good expansion and penetration to the modern world. Research has unveiled that only a few percentage of acquired customers remain with the company after a year's time of which the twenty percent of this customers are profitable customers. Due to this effect, it has developed a big imbalance created in gross additions of the consumer and the net addition.

A major challenge for telecom companies all over the world is retaining the acquired customers. If a customer happens to leave the company before it has earned back the investment of acquiring them, it affects the profit of the telecom company greatly. It is essential to identify the right clients who are profitable and retain them. One can retain the existing client by identifying the revenue earning consumers from the entire customer base and also managing the customer experience and the client value for the profit earning customers.

The telecom company has mainly focused on introducing new products in the market rather than improving their Customer experience management in banking system. There is increased competition from other companies offering the same service, and other new players have also joined the race as there is less barrier to entry for new service providers. The increased competition has led to telecom service provider shifting its focus of introducing new products in the market and concentrate on acquiring new clients to customers' experience management.

 The telecom firm has concentrated more on improving the customer experience and retaining the existing valued consumers. Watch to learn more about customer experience.

The telecom service provider should develop multiple channels for support and sales to improve the customer experience. It is important to add to retail outlets and also enhancing on their call centers. The company can also save on cost by offering their services online where they can empower their customers to take part in various activities at a reduced price than the retail channels. The telecom should focus on initiating a customer centric transformation and enhancing their Customer experience management.